Truessence as he appears in game.

Truessence is known for his Assassin Cross on the Loki server.

General Edit

He's a nice guy, and really smart, too.

History Edit

Truessence retired from PvP and WoE early 2009. He returned to a very laggy internet around late May/early June of 2009. He sadly retired from the entire game in August 1st, 2009, but makes rare visits.

Trivia Edit

Even though he has never cared for e-pride or anything useless like that, he was voted by the general population as one of the best SinX's to play the server.

90% of the time he does not wear a shirt.

He has a crush on the following people: Johnny Depp, Edan, Bob Barker, Gabbie (I'm watching you..)