A hat made in the image of a scary magical book which attacks human.

Type: Armor

Class: Upper Headgear

Buy: 20

Sell: 10

Weight: 30

Defense: 2

Required Level: 40.

Refineable: No.

Applicable Job: Every Job Except Novice.

Slot: 1

Item ID#: 5208


5% chance to absorb 8% HP on Physical attack. 1% chance to absorb 4% SP on Physical attack. You lose 10 HP per 5 seconds when equipped.


NPC Location: Murka (Monster Researcher) -yuno_in03 (29, 118) -Direction: Warp to Yuno and walk across the North bridge. Turn right and walk across the next bridge. Walk into the building and walk to the end of the room into the next room. Walk to the opposite side of the room.

Requirements: Memory Book -0.2% Drop Rate from Agav and Clock Tower Manager

Level 8 Cookbook -1.2% Drop Rate from Gemini-S58 -0.4 Drop Rate from Deathword

250x Memory Bookmark -60% Drop Rate from Rideword and Deathword

50x Old Magicbook -4% Drop Rate from Rideword and Deathword -3% Drop Rate from Bathory -1% Drop Rate from Zenorc

500x Torn Scroll -100% Drop Rate from Elder

200x Cursed Seal -20% Drop Rate from Dame of Sentinel -10% Drop Rate from Solace, Retribution and Shelter

Book of Billows [3], Book of Gust of Wind [3], Book of Blazing Sun [3] and Book of Mother Earth [3] -Item Slotting Guide