This is the RebirthRO wiki which is dedicated to informing users of the game, server, but most importantly, the community.

If you are new to the Game, welcome. You Might learn quite a bit.

First off is...

The Game Itself Edit

Ragnarok Online (Hence RebirthRO) is an MMORPG created by Gravity.

The Official Servers are pay to play, meaning you have to pay a monthly bill.

RebirthRO is a Private Server, it's  a free to play server.

Ragnarok Online is a standard RPG with it's own share of Level Grinding, Levelling, Classes.

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The Community Edit

RebirthRO has a very large community, though it has been declining.

The golden age was 2007. You could create a topic and a reply would come in under 2 minutes.

Our forums are thataway!

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