What Are Premium Points??? Edit

When you send money to RebirthRO, you are purchasing premium points. These points can be used to buy any item from the Premium Point Redemption NPC in Prontera. The cost of these items can range from 50 points to 7,000 points. Premium points are often referred to as "Credits". 1 Credit = 100 Premium Points = 1 Euro. :/

What Are Limited Points? Edit

When you exchange an item at the Premium Item Exchanger in Prontera, the NPC will give you limited points back. Limited points can be used for anything that regular premium points can be used for. The only limitation is that you can not buy 100 Point Coins and can not transfer limited points in any way.

How Do I Use Either Type Of Point? Edit

There is a small box that shows how many Limited Points or Premium Points you currently have. If you do not use any limited points, it will automatically deduct from your regular point balance. You have to input how many limited points you want to use in the box seen in the image below.


If you had 1,000 regular points and 1,000 limited points, you can still purchase a 2,000 point or less item. You would simply type in "1000" on the Limited point box, and the remainder will automatically be deducted from your regular balance.