A headband which decorated with a pinwheel. The person who wear it looks like cool.

Type: Armor

Class: Upper Headgear

Buy: n/a

Sell: n/a

Weight: 20

Defense: 2

Required Level: None.

Refineable: No.

Applicable Job: EveryJob

Slot: 0

Item ID#: 5458


Recovery 5% HP & SP.


NPC Location: Molly -hugel (175, 131) -Direction: Warp to Hugel than walk West across the bridge. Continue walking West.

Requirements: 2x Cresent Hairpins -Cresent Hairpin Quest

250x Sharp Scale -100% Drop Rate from Swordfish and Phen

50x Shining Scale -100% Drop Rate from Isis and Side Winder