A heavy looking hat, colored blue with a lot of silver and gems. Seems to go well with formal events, such as marriage.

Type: Armor

Class: Upper and Middle Headgear

Buy: 20

Sell: 10

Weight: 200

Defense: 2

Required Level: None.

Refineable: Yes.

Applicable Job: Every Job

Slot: 0

Item ID#: 5152


Increase resistance to the Stun status by 10%. INT + 1, MDEF + 2


NPC Location: Charlie -alberta (73, 53) -Direction: Walk East past the building then walk South. Take the stairs on the East near the end of the path.

George -geffen_in (109, 177) -Direction: Warp to Geffen and go into the South-West building.

Requirements: Crown -40% Drop Rate from Osiris (Elipsion MVP Room)

2x Cobalt Dyestuffs -Dye Making Guide

300x Soft Feather -100% Drop Rate from Skeggiold, Owl Duke and Owl Baron -24% Drop Rate from Gryphon

2x Silver Bullion -Obtained from George (5x Silver Rings for 1 Silver Bullion)

5x 3 Carat Diamond -100% Drop Rate from High Priest Margaretha [MVP Drop], High Wizard Kathryne [MVP Drop], Egnigem Cenia [MVP Drop], Assassin Cross Eremes [MVP Drop], Baphomet [MVP Drop] (Elipsion MVP Room), Detale [MVP Drop], Whitesmith Howard [MVP Drop], Lady Tanee [MVP Drop], RSX-0806 [MVP Drop], Thanatos [MVP Drop], Vesper [MVP Drop], Pharaoh [MVP Drop], Lord Knight Seyren [MVP Drop] and Lord of Death [MVP Drop] (Elipsion MVP Room) -20% Drop Rate from Thanatos Despero, Thanatos Odium, Thanatos Dolor and Thanatos Maero -4% Drop Rate from Isis -1% Drop Rate from Dragon Egg and Wraith Dead