About MoroccEdit

Morroc is the desert town, located next to the Pyramids and Sphinx. It is (basically) home to the Thief and Soul Linker guilds.

On Eir, this town is the main vendor spot. One can usually find dozens of merchants with shops open. It is one of the busy towns in Loki, often called the 2nd main town. It's not as busy as Prontera, but the chat still gets flooded from time to time.


Eir Edit

Morocc is basically Eir's vending area/town, and the main center of the community, unlike Loki which is centered around Prontera.

Loki Edit

NPCs Edit

  • Healer
Automatically heals your character to full HP and SP.
  • Settings
Change various settings for your account.
  • Platinum Skill NPC
Obtain your character's quest skills here with out doing the actual quest.
  • Item Dealer
Buy/Sell EDPs, elemental converters and open the auction menu using this NPC.
  • Warpra
An all in one NPC that can warp you to any town or dungeon.
  • Stylist
This NPC can change your outfit colors, hair style, and hair color with the click of a button.

Random Trivia Edit

In Loki, Morroc has been branded 'douche town' by a fail member who's in game names included 'JackTheStripper'. Since then, the majority of the main Morroc group have continued to call it this name. For shits and giggles.

Tyr Edit

No tool dealers exist here due to the implementation of the Satan Morocc quest.

Trivia Edit

Can also be spelled as Morroc. Or More-rock