Description Edit

The MVP Arena consists of 4 rooms that contain various MVPs. The MVP rooms are accessed by talking to MVP Room Warpers, such as the one to the right of the Prontera Warp, or by talking to Warpra -> Warp -> Special -> MVP Arena. Once inside, you have the choice of Alpha MVP, Beta MVP, Theta MVP, and Epsilon MVP. Each area has 8 arenas. In each room, arena 4 and 8 are non-donate rooms, and each arena can hold 15 people, with the exception of room 1, which holds 50, and room 2 on Alpha MVP only. There is also an MVP Arena Guide who gives basic information about each of the rooms.

In each room is a certain set of MVPs, and an MVP-Protector. The Protector is capable of allowing you to leave the dungeon(though the @go command works as well), and also allows you to fully heal for free, as long as you're not currently engaged in battle. Also, you are not allowed to teleport in any MVP room.

Alpha MVP Edit

This room is in the shape of a filled square and two concentric empty squares, connected first on the left and right, and the outer ring connected on the top and bottom. The protector is in the center. Also, the two inside areas have a grated cage around them and a harsh flooring, giving the room an "industrial" feel. The MVPs in this room are:




Beta MVP Edit

This is a relatively small room in the "+" shape, with the protector in the middle, next to a large tree. The room has a "ghastly" feel. The MVPs that spawn here are:


Orc Hero

Orc Lord

Turtle General

Theta MVP Edit

This room is in the shape of a cross, with portals at each end, leading to a small room. The 4 small rooms surround the cross shape at each gap. Each of the small rooms has one warps at the other end, and when entered, takes you back to the point on the map that entered the room. The room has a "graveyard" feel, with pillars and ruins scattered about. MVPs here include:




Lord of Death

Epsilon MVP Edit

This room is in the shape of a small square, with 4 smaller square attached to each side of the center. The protector is in the center. There are chains lined along the cracked walls, giving this room a "dungeon" feel. The MVPs here are:

Pharaoh w/ Sphinx Mobs

Incantation Samurai w/ Rice Cakes

Dark Lord w/ Dark Ilusions

Baphomet w/ Bapho