A special headgear created specifically for Lord Kaho... Whoever he is.

Type: Armor

Class: Upper Headgear

Buy: n/a

Sell: n/a

Weight: 10

Defense: 5

Required Level: None.

Refineable: No.

Applicable Job: Every Job

Slot: 0

Item ID#: 5013

Effects (add Lewis ro if you are on rebirth ro)Edit

STR + 5

INT + 5

VIT + 10

AGI + 10

LUK + 20

MDEF + 10


NPC Location: Lord Kaho's Servant -geffen (115, 107) -Direction: Warp to Geffen and walk slightly North

Requirements: 5 Million Zeny

3x Emperium -100% Drop Rate from Baphomet (Elipsion MVP Room)

Skull -100% Drop Rate from Wanderer, Wind Ghost, Shelter, Gemini-S58, Dark Lord [MVP Drop](Elipsion MVP Room), Flame Skull and Alarm

Heroic Emblem -100% Drop Rate from Orc Lord [MVP Drop](Beta MVP Room) and Orc Hero (Beta MVP Room)

Evil Horn -Baphomet (Elipsion MVP Room) and Baphomet Jr.

Red Frame -Bought from Gift Merchant at lhz_in02 (38, 145) or prontera (105, 87) -100% Drop Rate from Dark Frame

Smoking Pipe (Pipe) -50% Drop Rate from Eddga (Alpha MVP Room)

Fang of Garm -100% Drop Rate from Garm

Mother's Nightmare -2% Drop Rate from Maya

Sphinx Hat -30% Drop Rate from Amon Ra and Osiris (Theta MVP Room)

Diamond Ring -Bought from Jeweler at lhz_in02 (105, 21) -Bought from Gift Seller at xmas_in (169, 34)

Poring Doll -100% Drop Rate from Angeling, Deviling. -Bought from Doll Supplier at lhz_in02 (85, 216) or prontera (248, 153)

Chonchon Doll -100% Drop Rate from Beelzebub and Dragon Fly. -1% Drop Rate from Chonchon. -Bought from Doll Supplier at lhz_in02 (85, 216) or prontera (248, 153)

Baphomet Doll -100% Drop Rate from Baphomet [MVP Drop] (Elipsion MVP Room)

Osiris Doll -100% Drop Rate from Osiris [MVP Drop] (Theta MVP Room)

Rocker Doll -100% Drop Rate from Vocal -2% Drop Rate from Rocker

Yoyo Doll -2% Drop Rate from Yoyo

Raccoon Doll -0.4% Drop Rate from Smokie

Spore Doll -2% Drop Rate from Spore