Type: Midrate
Rates: 100x Base
100x Job
20x Drop
20x Card Drop
Max Level: 255 / 120


Loki is the original Rebirth server, formally just known as Midrate, since the rates are 100x/100x/20x. The name Loki was given to it by Syphon. Loki is a largely donation based server, but has taken steps in recent history to balance that, and allow non-donors to stand a chance. Loki is, and always has been, the most popular server on RebirthRO.


@return Returns your character to your saved spawn point. Similar to dying and respawning, but with out the dying.
@storage Opens your storage. The same as using the npc, but without being a certain level or paying zeny
@gstorage Opens your guild's storage. Similar to using the npc in guild castles. (Warning: Players may steal items from it)
@die Automatically Kills your player on the spot.
@go Allows your character to warp to most towns without the use of a Kafra. Type @go to see the list of towns
@time Displays the current date and time on the server, known as server time. Server time is GMT -5
@date See @time. It does the same thing.
@serverdate See @time. It does the same thing.
@servertime See @time. It does the same thing.
@jailtime Displays how long until you are released from jail. Jail is where GM's send you if you do something against the rules
@storeall Opens storage and automatically stores all items you have equipped and in your inventory (Not cart). It then closes storage.
@uptime Displays how long the server has been up (from the last time it went down)
@autoloot Automatically picks up items dropped from monsters with the indicated percentage (%) or less.
@alootid Automatically picks up a certain item that you specify (along with the autoloot percentage (%))
@mobinfo Displays the information on a given monster (IRO Name, KRO Name, Monster ID#, Level, Hp, Sp, Base Exp, Job Exp, Stats, Attack, Range, Size, Race, Elements, Drops)
@monsterinfo See @mobinfo. Does the exact same thing.
@mi A shorter command for @mobinfo. Does the exact same thing
@rates Displays the current Base and Job rates on the server. Normal being (Base: 100.0x Job: 100.0x)
@iteminfo Displays the information on a given item (Name, Item ID#, Type, Extra Effect, NPC Buy Price, NPC Sell Price, Weight)
@ii A shorter command for @iteminfo. Does the exact same thing.
@whodrops Displays what monsters drop the given item. Displays only the top 5 monsters (Sorted from Highest to Lowest % of drop)
@me Displays chat of character performing an action. (Example: @me sits would be "** : CharacterName sits : **")
@showexp Displays how much experience and % you gain from killing a monster
@changegm Changes Guild Leadership to the character specified in the guild (Only a Guild Leader can use this. The new Guild Leader must be online and in the same guild).
@changeleader Changes Party Leadership to the character specified in the party (Only a party leader can use this. Character must be online)
@invite Invites a selected character to a duel (Character using this must be in the duel already, and the other character must not be in any duel.)
@duel Sends an invitation to the selected character for a duel. (Both characters must not be in a duel)
@leave Character leaves the duel
@accept Character accepts a duel invite (Must wait 1 minute between duels)
@reject Character rejects (says no) to a duel invite
@away Displays an away message when someone PM's you. You will see their message, but it's like an automated response PM


A shorter command for @away. Does the exact same thing.
@commands Displays the full list of commands available to the user (only names, not descriptions).
@noask Automatically Denies all trade requests
@hominfo Displays information about your homunculus (Health, Level, Loyalty etc)
@homstats Displays stats (str, vit, dex etc) of your homunculus.
@auction Opens the auction menu automatically, instead of using the npc to do it
@mail Opens up the mail menu. Characters can send mail to other character (can include a message, zeny, and one (1) item)
@noks Stops other players from attacking monsters you have hit for a small amount of time. To prevent Kill Stealing (Does not work on mini bosses or MVP)
@shopsearch Displays which vendor characters are currently vending the specified item and tell the price
@whosells See @shopsearch. Does the exact same thing.
@whosell See @shopsearch. Does the exact same thing.