A pretty ribbon made from a red string with a pink heart in the middle.

Type: Armor

Class: Upper Headgear

Buy: n/a

Sell: n/a

Weight: 40

Defense: 1

Required Level: 10.

Refineable: Yes.

Applicable Job: Every Job

Slot: 1

Item ID#: 5140


Reduces damage from Undead and Demon enemies by 5%.


NPC Location: Molly -hugel (175, 131) -Direction: Warp to Hugel than walk West across the bridge. Continue walking West.

Requirements: Red Tailed Ribbon -Red Ribbon Quest

Cute Ribbon -40% Drop Rate from Eclipse

25x Silk Ribbon -2% Drop Rate from Sting -Bought from Pet Groomer and/or Pet Stuff at yuno (140, 158)

Scarlet Dyestuffs -Dye Making Guide