Edan is a former GM and a fairly popular member of the ragnarok server RebirthRO.


Many people show respect by having this in their signature.

Some time ago before his rise into power, Edan was the self proclaimed protector of Morroc.

He once held the the title of taekwon ranker on a character named Esben and was presumed to have some form of skill in pvp.

Eventually his fandom grew resulting in hundreds of clones with altered names such as "Eden", "Esban", "Esbin" and other crude forms.

Soon he grew so popular that he was offered the job as a GM and dissapered from the streets of morroc forever. With no one protecting the town it was eventually and unevitably destroyed leaving thousands homeless or dead.

People blamed him for it's destuction resulting in a dramatic drop in his fan-base and the eventual demotion from GM to forum Moderator.

Anti Esben

Anti Esben is Edans eternal rival and exact opposite. If Edan was a "hero" then Anti Esben would most certainly be a "villian"