A hat made to resemble the monster, Nine tails. proud of its great heat-retainablity.

Type: Armor

Class: Upper Headgear

Buy: 20

Sell: 10

Weight: 30

Defense: 1

Required Level: 20.

Refineable: Yes.

Applicable Job: Every Job

Slot: 0

Item ID#: 5252


AGI + 1, DEX + 1 Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 1 Gloria on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.


NPC Location: Murka (Monster Researcher) -yuno_in03 (29, 118) -Direction: Warp to Yuno and walk across the North bridge. Turn right and walk across the next bridge. Walk into the building and walk to the end of the room into the next room. Walk to the opposite side of the room.

Requirements: Kitsune Mask -Kitsune Mask Quest

Drooping Cat -Drooping Cat Quest

3x Orange Dyestuff -Dye Making Guide

5x Lemon Dyestuff -Dye Making Guide

200x Fabric -100% Drop Rate from Wraith, Wraith Dread, Ghostring, Whisper, Giant Whisper and Lude

100x Needle Packet -100% Drop Rate from Hylozoist

200x Nine Tails -100% Drop Rate from Moonlight Flower [MVP Drop] (Alpha MVP Room) and Nine Tail

100x Topaz -100% Drop Rate from Tao Gunka, Vagabond Wolf, Dame of Sentinel, Mineral and Moonlight Flower [MVP Drop] (Alpha MVP Room)

Moonlight Dagger -100% Drop Rate from Assassin Cross Eremes, Sniper Shecil and Moonlight Flower (Alpha MVP Room)


This item is listed in the Game, according to @itemlist as Drooping Ninetails (0), item ID#: 5252, even though in the inventory it comes up as Drooping Ninetail (0).

This hat, item ID#: 5252, is not to be confused with the Drooping Nine Tail (1), item ID#: 5296.

SSLOSHY's guide to the custom hats incorrectly states that this hat requires 100 Nine Tails, though it really needs 200.