A hairpin shaped to look like an Angeling. Your body feels strangely light when you wear it.

Type: Armor

Class: Upper Headgear

Buy: 20

Sell: 10

Weight: 70

Defense: 3

Required Level: None.

Refineable: Yes.

Applicable Job: Every Job

Slot: 0

Item ID#: 5153


Flee Rate + 5

[+ Angel's Dress]

INT + 2, LUK + 6, Flee Rate + 5


NPC Location: Brendan -geffen_in (176, 108) -Direction: Warp to Geffen and go to the very North-East building.

Karen -jawaii_in (26, 119) -Direction: Warp to Jawaii and take the North Path. Take the first stairs down and walk East along the Cliff.

Nathan -lhz_in01 (105, 130) -Direction: Warp to Lighthalzen then take the North-East Path. Then, take the North path into the Building.

Requirements: Angeling Hat (Needs to be in Inventory to start the quest) -Angeling Hat Quest

Oil Paper -100% Drop Rate from Rice Cake Boy and Karakasa

Pencil Case -Obtained from Nathan (5 Steel, 1 Log and Biotite)

Heart Hairpin -Heart Hairpin Quest

5x Piece of Rossata Stone -100% Drop Rate from Amon Ra

Stone of Sage -60% Drop Rate from Gemini-S58 -20% Drop Rate from Observation -10% Drop Rate from Lady Solace, Retribution and Shelter